Amsterdam,  November 14

Three famous American countertenors in Concertgebouw.

This was the first time (ever) that three internationally renowned countertenors Brian Asawa, Derek Lee Ragin and Robert Crowe performed during one concert in the prestigious Concertgebouw. The baroque music concert “Appassionati di Musica barocca”  took place on the 3rd of November 2010. The program included arias, duets and - very rare in baroque music - trios, tripling the wonderful and fascinating aspects of the countertenor’s voices.

Three virtuoso countertenors Brian Asawa, Derek Lee Ragin and Robert Crowe  performed for the first time together. Concerto d’Amsterdam, one of the best period instrument orchestras in the Netherlands conducted by British – Australian violinist Elizabeth Wallfisch,  accompanied the countertenors in a program contained masterpieces of Händel, Purcell,Vivaldi, Porpora and Graun.

The voice of a countertenor is very special, moving and mysterious.  Men, singing with a “female” voice, always fascinate the audience. Bringing three countertenors together in one amplifies this dimension and was very unique in its sort.

The three singers have an impressive track record. They all have performed star roles in several opera’s and are regularly appearing soloists in the baroque repertoire.

Brian Asawa starred in 2008 with the “Nederlandse Opera” in the role of Fyodor in the Boris Godunov opera, and he appeared in the Dutch television program “Vrije Geluiden”.

Derek Lee Ragin obtained world fame as the voice of Farinelli in the soundtrack of the much awarded film Farinelli. Ragin has performed in the Concertgebouw a couple of years ago with “And Farewell Goes Out Sighing”, composed by the Georgian composer Kancheli.

Also Robert Crowe performed earlier in the Netherlands, at the “Festival Oude Muziek” in Utrecht.

The conductor was Elizabeth Wallfisch, the world famous British-Australian virtuoso violinist, conductor, the guest-director of the world best period instrument orchestras and the leading interpreter of music on the baroque and classical violins.

The harpsichord part was played by David Jansen from the renowned Dutch artistic Jansen family, and is a player of the monumental Ruprecht organ’s in the Tuindorpkerk in Utrecht.

For the baroque enthusiast as well as people interested in the fascinating and moving sounds of high-pitched male voices, this concert was absolutely recommended and it had a great success. The audience was enthusiastic and grateful to the  artists. 

The concert was organised by Opus Event Management , founded by Nadya Koopmans.