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Opus Event Management presents a new CD - Three Countertenors, Live Baroque at the Concertgebouw. The recording was made during a performance at the Concertgebouw on November 3, 2010. The CD is unique by its featured artists, by its concept and by its contest. Opus EM is very grateful to all participating artists: Director Elizabeth Wallfisch, famous Countertenors Brian Asawa, Derek Lee Ragin and Robert Crowe, and the great Baroque Period Orchestra Concerto d’Amsterdam (concert master Mariette Holtrop). 

  1. 1. Ode ‘Come Ye Sons of Art’ z.323: Symphony and Choir 

  2. 2. Aria ‘Quella que tutta fe’ (from ‘Serse, HWV 40)

  3. 3. Aria ‘Agitata da due Venti’ (from ‘Griselda’, RV 718)

  4. 4. Aria ‘Alto giove’ (from ‘Polifemo’)

  5. 5. Aria ‘Ombra mai fu’( from ‘Serse’, HWV 40)

  6. 6. Sonata a quatro ‘Al santo sepolcro’ Largo, Allegro (RV 189)

  7. 7. Duet ‘Son nata a lagrimar’ (from ‘Giulio Cesare’, HWV 17)

  8. 8. Andante & Allegro, Cantata ‘Cessate, omai cessate’ (RV 684

  9. 9. Aria ‘Lascia ch'io pianga’ (from ‘Rinaldo’, HWV 7)

  10. 10. Symphony  (from ‘Giulio Cesare’, HWV 17)

  11. 11. Aria ‘Dove sei, amato bene?’ (from ‘Rodelinda’, HWV 19 )

  12. 12. Aria   ‘Rompo i lacci’ (from ‘Flavio’, HWV 16)

  13. 13. Trio ‘Della Bellezza ho il vanto’ (‘Il giudizio di Paride’)

Directed by:  Elizabeth Wallfisch

Recorded on Nov 3, 2010 at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Video Registration by: Twain Film, Video & TV

Audio mixed by:   Cadenzis Media, Albert Bakker

Organized and produced by:  Opus Event Management, Nadya Koopmans

We want to thank all companies and people who supported us in the concert organisation, CD and video production. Special thanks to the Embassy and the Consulate General of the United States, our sponsor TWAIN Film,Video & TV, Albert Bakker,  Cadenzis Media, who made this beautiful mix, Sytze Koopmans , Viktorija Skraba, Wouter Bottcher, Joost Bottcher and many others.

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